Silvan Funding, LLC has been formed in accordance with and pursuant to the Delaware Limited Liability Company Act. The company is also licensed to operate in New York State and New Jersey. Our company's purpose is to operate an online marketplace that offers debt and equity securities to investors under the JOBS Act of 2012 or otherwise in accordance with the applicable law.

All managing members of the firm each have over 15 years of investment and finance experience.

We committ to providing the two of the world's most spoken languages in an online marketplace for buyers and investors.

Peer - to -Real Estate lending is an online platform that provides unprecedented access to carefully analyzed real estate loan investments.

All types of investments are associated with different levels of risk. However, our investments are directly secured by only first lien position on the property corresponding to the underlying borrower loan.

In addition, we request that our borrowers have more than 20% of their capital in the project to minimize credit risk exposure.

Accredited investors are defined by the SEC as:

A. An individual who has earned at least $200,000 annually for the past two years and has a reasonable expectation of earning at least that amount this year,

B. A couple that has earned $300,000 annually for the past two years and has a reasonable expectation of earning at least that amount this year, or,

C. An individual with a net worth of more than $1 million, excluding the value of his/her primary residence.

Yes, but depending on the nationality. According to SEC Regulations Reg S, international investors do not have to provide sensitive income verification information and accredited investor verification. You can directly invest on our site. Note: If you have a U.S. Social Security number, you must invest as a U.S. citizen.
As part of our rigorous underwriting process, each real estate crowdfunding opportunity is carefully analyzed, including but not limited to credit risk management, actual property valuation risk, loan parameter evaluation and documentation due to diligence. Based on our analysis and risk rating, you can directly choose the project you want to invest. Our investment process is direct and transparent.
No. You must first invest in the debt certificates which are issued by the debt issuer.
REITS (Real Estate Investment Trusts) are investment vehicles that pool various real estate assets, including properties and mortgage notes. Managers of REITS receive a management fee along with various fees and charges based on its performance. REITS can be either publicly or privately traded. Unlike these mortgage REITS, each Silvan Funding loan corresponds to a single project, therefore your investment is directly invested on one loan backed by one real estate project.
The application is free. If you are a borrower, you only pay for the appraisal, attorney fee, closing costs, origination, and monthly interest.
Once we receive all of the items in the application, a loan can close within an average of 10 business days.
Through our technology innovation and online crowdfunding service, we will have the ability to form a capital structure that is customized to fit your needs.
Silvan Funding LLC has a pre-fund on your projects.