01Sign Up

Signing up is easy and free. It allows you to establish an account with us.

02Easy loan application

This easy application process allows you to provide us your basic background information and summary about your project and funding needs. During this process, our loan officers are available to help you with all your questions and discuss further detail with your borrower needs.

03Fill out loan application document

Fill out the formal loan application with personal, property and loan details for our due diligence process. This is a standard paperwork for the loan to be able to process.

04Our due diligence

Once we term sheet is signed, we will conduct our due diligence process. If you are qualified, we move to closing process and begin with your funding.


Funding depends on the project requirement and type. We can have a pre-fund or raise fund directly on our crowd funding platform. You can track your funding status at your established borrower account if crowd funding.

06After Funding

You are required to update your project process. Monthly interest draws on the loan will be automatically set up in your borrower account.