SPE (not to individuals)

Term of Loans:

6 to 12 months

Loan origination:

upfront (2-4%)

Interest Rate:

9 to 14% p.a., interest only, paid monthly


Corporate and personal Guarantee

Loan Size:

$100k to $3mm

Property Types:

Single-Family Residential Property, Mutli-family Property,
Mixed-Use Property

Loan Amount:

up to 80% of purchase, 90% of construction


< 65% of After Repair Value (appraisal)

Interest Reserve:

3rd party escrow

Construction Draws:

subject to lender’s inspections

Closing Costs:

Borrowers closing costs


Property & Liability with Silvan Funding recorded as the Mortgagee

Collateral Type:

Non-owner occupied first mortgage, senior secured